Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hadley Rose's smile

Hadley Rose Jones has the cutest smile. She also has the cutest voice, face and personality. She's simply my BFF. I think that I'll just let her pictures do the talking.


Avery is my sunshine

Avery was born a girl even though the doctor told us that she was a he. Funny story and a terrific experience. But Avery is truly my sunshine. I don't know of anything sweeter than lying in bed, scratching her back and hearing her tell me that she loves me. At that moment, you could have lit the black sky with her sunshine and turned it to day. She is my sunshine, my joy, my hope, my inspiration and my life.


So there's Wyatt and Will

And all their glory. Wyatt will be entering kindergarten in the fall and Will is entering pre-school. They are my cousin's kids and I couldn't have had a better time. I love their little personalities and I absolutely adored their spirit and love of life. I hope that they know that they have an open sitting with me anytime pictures are wanted!


Newborns turn into big girls

Ashley is graduating from high school. I remember when Ashley was born. She was the apple of her granny and papa's eye and the first born grand child to Charles and Charlotte Moore. Graduating high school. Are you serious? Well little Ashley turned into a beautiful young woman and I was extremely grateful to share a few frames with her. Ashley--I couldn't be prouder of you and I am thankful for our time together at the arboretum!


A newborn baby for the blooming of spring

I had the extreme honor of photographing baby Gavin Andrew Moore. Gavin was a wee 2 weeks old when mommy Joy called us over. things couldn't have gone better with the handsome boy. Spring is such a magical time and I cannot tell you how lucky I am to be a photographer in Central Kentucky. The Kentucky Derby runs the first Saturday in May; foals are testing their young legs with their mothers in the rolling bluegrass; babies are born and I am given an opportunity to photography their young lives, which to me, is a huge honor.

Thank you baby Gavin and thank you to your parents for giving me the opportunity to capture some of your first actions on camera.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I don't know if spring has done the proverbial springing or not, but I do know that 68 degree sunshine is awfully good for the winter-worn soul. The weeping cherries are starting to bloom, followed by the red buds and the dogwoods, giving way to green leaves, warm grass and the prelude of summer. After such a cold hibernation I cannot fathom anything better than the teasing warmth of spring.
Amidst the sunshine, warmth and about 150 other people brushing the chill of winter off their shoulders, we met Caroline and Field at the arboretum for some pre-Easter fun. Though the earth was still damp and the daffodils were still sleepy from the cold, we had a great time watching Caroline teach Field about the happiness of spring. It's his first, afterall. Happy were they to get outside and squeal and play and even sneak their toes in the grass to say "Hello Spring! We've missed you!" Enjoy the pictures and let us know if your toes need warming or your soul needs springing- we're happy to capture it.
Caroline, thanks for being the best big sister ever! We couldn't have done it without you... and Field- this is springtime in the bluegrass. jg.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Decking the halls

God Bless Brad and God Bless Adam. Outnumbered three to two by the girls in their household. And yet, they seem happy. They aren't scathed by the whirly-girly that goes on around them- but I bet you a nickel that Brad knows just exactly what a smocked bishop is! I really enjoyed visiting your brand new house and taking pictures of the three happiest kiddos I know! Thank you all!!! jg.